Disney Quotes & Memes

Disney is more than just a word, it’s a complete state of mind. Since Walt Disney himself built Disneyland, and even before that with Mickey Mouse, Disney has become a household name when one thinks of their childhood.

Walt had a vision, and that vision has come to life now more than ever with 148+ movies. With Disney’s purchase of Lucas Film in recent years, bringing the cult following of the Star Wars trilogy to the already robust offerings of the Disney company.

With each film that Disney has brought to life, the love of the characters has grown exponentially. Most adults have fond memories from their childhoods that are directly tied to a Disney movie. No wonder why the Disney Parks have become a lifelong goal for some, and a seasonal treat for others.

Memes are a popular way for people to express a feeling, far beyond what simple words can express. Add in the perfect Disney character, and you’ve got a winning combination Memes have existed for decades, we have gathered some of the very best Disney memes.

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