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Disney Quotes & Memes

Disney is more than just a word, it’s a complete state of mind. Since Walt Disney himself built Disneyland, and even before that with Mickey Mouse, Disney has become a household name when one thinks of their childhood.

Walt had a vision, and that vision has come to life now more than ever with 148+ movies. With Disney’s purchase of Lucas Film in recent years, bringing the cult following of the Star Wars trilogy to the already robust offerings of the Disney company.

With each film that Disney has brought to life, the love of the characters has grown exponentially. Most adults have fond memories from their childhoods that are directly tied to a Disney movie. No wonder why the Disney Parks have become a lifelong goal for some, and a seasonal treat for others.

Memes are a popular way for people to express a feeling, far beyond what simple words can express. Add in the perfect Disney character, and you’ve got a winning combination Memes have existed for decades, we have gathered some of the very best Disney memes.

What Is a Meme

                WHAT IS A MEME?

You all daily see the word meme in your searches around the internet. But don’t know the meaning? We are here to sort it out! Memes are an integral part of online pictures. 

Where the word comes?

The word ‘’meme’’ comes from biologist Richard Dawkins means 

   “ A piece of media, often humorous, that feasts quickly through the internet. The Meme is a virally-spread cultural symbol or social idea”.

Memes go through minor adjustments like the game of telephone. Occasionally, memes even beget new memes. What’s charming is that the nature of online memes means we can detect their origins, evolution, and variations in popularity. The popular modern memes are captioned photos that are planned to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Some memes can be videos and verbal terms. Roughly memes have heavier and more philosophical content.


  • Historical Memes

One example of this is LOLcats. This typical meme plays on the internet’s love of cats. Its plan is simple: one or more cats, generally in some delightful situation, with overlaid text.


Another top hit meme is Gangnam Style. The phrase "Gangnam Style" is a Korean neologism that denotes a lifestyle connected with the Gangnam District of Seoul. This is one of the internet’s ever viral videos. It released in July 2012 and rapidly blowout like wildfire, besetting up more than nine million views per day for two months during the height of its popularity. Gangnam Style is a memorable wonder that perfectly illustrates how quickly something can spread through the internet.


  • Humor Meme



  • Social Meme

Kind of like you catch a tune and it is stuck - you are impotent to escape it from your head. It is a sticky pathological impression.



  • Recent Memes

This meme is mainly responsible for the trend of object labeling image macros (in which the meme changes by tagging the image elements). It originates from a stock image where a guy is examining out another woman while his girlfriend has an upset look on her face. After labeling the things, the “other woman” typically represents something tempting, while the girlfriend signifies what you’re supposed to do. It has boundless distinctions, making it a smash hit.